Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 Top Secret adds spies and Deadpool

Make my Slurp Juice shaken, not stirred.

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It was a long wait for the new season.

Epic Games

Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 is live after a seemingly never-ending season 1. After days of teasing by developer Epic Games, the new update gives the game a James Bond-esque makeover and includes an appearance from the one and only Deadpool

Season 2 started Thursday after the v12.00 update became available for download. Dubbed Top Secret, the plot for the season centers on operatives from the organizations Ghost and Shadow who have taken over the island. 

What changed in season 2? 

To go along with the spy theme, several hidden points of interest were added to the game in season 2. There's also an array of weapons unvaulted like the Minigun, Drum Gun and Heavy Sniper Rifle. One new item is the Decoy Grenade that will clone players in order to get the jump on enemies. There's also a Metal Gear-like cardboard box to help players sneak around during a match. 

Toilets and dumpsters also act like teleporters to move players across the island. Phone booths let players do a quick outfit change to one of the two agencies: Ghost or Shadow. Switching from one to the other will open certain doors on the island.  

In keeping with the secret agent theme, there are locked vaults filled with loot. 

Players can find these vaults by shaking down henchmen who are found in certain locations on the island. 

To get into the vaults, players will need to acquire keycards. Enemies and bosses found in the new points of interest have the keycards and will drop them once they're taken down. 

An interesting change to the game itself is the ability to throw consumables such as bandages and potions like grenades. Before the update, players would have to drop the items near them, but now they can be thrown to teammates in need. 

As the case with most updates since the start of Chapter 2 season 1, Epic didn't provide patch notes to explain all the changes in the update. Fortnite players took it upon themselves to make their own unofficial patch notes

One change confirmed by Epic prior to the update is the option to mute licensed emote audio. Some emotes -- dances and actions performed by a player's avatar -- are based on various dances and will have an accompanying music piece play when used. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch can automatically remove or demonetize videos featuring certain music and this option would help get around that issue.

This ability could also be a result of a recently released Never Gonna Give You Up emote based on the Rick Astley '80s song.

PC players will be the first to get this option in v12.00, but Epic says other platforms will receive it later. 

Where's Deadpool? 

In the trailer for this season's Battle Pass, the merc with the mouth makes a cameo appearance at the very end. 

One data miner found the skin hidden in the update. 

As for how to get Deadpool, there's a secret room in the lobby when you're about to start a match. Move the cursor to the vent and that will open a hidden bathroom filled with Deadpool's stuff. 

Fortnite Deadpool

What a mess.

Epic Games

There's a letter to the developers saying how he has a redesign for the Battle Bus. 

Fortnite Deadpool

He's a real artist.

Epic Games

Log on to the computer in the secret room to start the Deadpool Challenges. The second one listed, after finding the letter, is to not thank the bus driver before jumping out of the Battle Bus. 

Fortnite Deadpool

One challenge down.

Epic Games

The season 2 Battle Pass also has an interesting set of characters to unlock such as the golden-handed Midas, the fully customizable Maya and the powerful Meowsicles who was part of the teases for the new season

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Android, iOS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Originally published on Feb. 19 and updated when new info is revealed.

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