Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer reveals one of Cloud's greatest moments

Join Cloud on his trip to the Honey Bee Inn.

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A fresh trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake dropped on Friday, and it reveals a whole lot of characters and big moments from Square Enix's upcoming PS4 game -- including the iconic sight of hero Cloud Strife dressing up as a lady. It's part of a mission to infiltrate creepy Don Corneo's mansion.

Cloud changes his look at the Honey Bee Inn, an adult club in Midgar's Wall Market, and the trailer makes it seem like we'll get plenty of pageantry in this sequence.

"True beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame, to which notions of gender don't apply," says the guy leading Cloud's transformation.


Cloud gets a makeover in the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer.

Square Enix

We also see more of the fatcats leading evil megacorporation Shinra, get a decent look at wolf-like party member Red XIII and see Cloud's "touching reunion" with big bad Sephiroth.

This trailer is designed as a showcase for the game's theme song, Hollow, which was written by composer Nobuo Uematsu and has vocals by Yosh (the lead singer of Tokyo rock band Survive Said The Prophet), and a second video showed how the tune came together. Music from the game will be showcased at a bunch of live concerts later in 2020.

Part 1 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which was recently delayed a few weeks, comes out April 10. We still don't know how many parts the game will be divided into.

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