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Exploding Kittens' Throw Throw Expansion Pack Provides Defense Against Flying Burritos

Block Block Burrito adds happy tortilla shields to the company's dodgeball card games.

We hope these shields are sturdier than an actual tortilla. 
Exploding Kittens

The Exploding Kittens game company on Tuesday launched an expansion pack to Throw Throw Burrito and Throw Throw Avocado -- two wacky "dodgeball card games" that get players to hurl foam food at their friends. The new add-on, Block Block Burrito, brings a tortilla defense tool and more battle formats into the mix.

The new inflatable tortilla shaped-shields build onto the original games, in which players earn points and trigger battles by collecting matching sets of cards. The battles send fake burritos and avocados flying and can cost players points if they're hit.

The Block Block Burrito add-on comes with two shields and six new battles in the form of cards. The shields can be used for the new battles as well as battles from Throw Throw Burrito and Throw Throw Avocado. Three of the new battles are solely compatible with Throw Throw Burrito, and the other three are for Throw Throw Avocado.

More offerings from the Exploding Kittens company, started by The Oatmeal's founder, Matthew Inman, and former Xbox game designer Elan Lee, include Poetry for Neanderthals, Hand-o-Hand Wombat and Really Loud Librarians. The Exploding Kittens card game is getting the Netflix treatment with an adult animated series coming later this year. The game expansion costs $20 and is on sale at the Exploding Kittens website.