New Auto Chess revealed to be Epic Game Store exclusive at E3

This version will be made by the creator of Dota Auto Chess.

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Auto Chess is an addictive Dota 2 mod, and it now has a version for the PC available only on the Epic Game Store.

Loring Lee, founder and CEO of Chinese game publisher Dragonest, took the stage at the E3 2019 PC Gaming Show Monday to reveal a standalone Auto Chess game is coming and will be an Epic Game Store exclusive. He also confirmed his company is working with Drodo Studio, the creator of the Dota 2 mod.

Dota Auto Chess mod came out in early 2019 for Steam and became a hit among Dota players. The game takes elements from the massive online battle arena formula Dota is known for and combines them with a strategic element of chess. Players have to select characters that act as chess pieces, and they have to level up the pieces as they do battle with other players or computer AI.

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Since its release in January, Auto Chess has become one of the most popular games on Steam. Its popularity caused Valve, publisher of Dota 2, and Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, to begin developing their own versions of the mod. 

Dragonest didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.