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E3 2018: Post-apocalyptic game scorecard

Apocalyptic chic takes over E3, from zombies to natural disasters to more zombies.


Maybe it's a sign of the current social and political zeitgeist, maybe it's just people trying to cash in on the success of TV shows like The Walking Dead or films like Mad Max: Thunder Road. Whatever the reason, an awful lot of games at E3 2018 deal with the end of the world (or other worlds). 

Sometimes it's zombies, other times hordes of people infected with some horrible disease that makes them suspiciously zombie-like. If not the undead, then rioting mutants or roving gangs of wasteland toughs. In almost every case, the aesthetic style is filled with the muted browns and greys of collapsed buildings, or the green of creeping vines and vegetation taking back our ruined cities. 

Whatever the style, it's all part of the current craze for apocalyptic chic, where the only foregone conclusion game developers (and many TV and film producers) seem to be able to agree on is that humankind is toast. 


A zombie conga line from Days Gone.


Highlights this year at E3 include the online-only Fallout 76 (nuclear war); Rage 2 (rogue asteroid); and The Last of Us Part II (zombie-like virus). If it sounds like there's a lot of overlap between all this post-apocalyptica, you're right. That's why I've put together this handy scorecard to keep track of your favorite end-of-the-world games. 

I'll update this during E3 as we see and hear about more games, and if you know of one we've missed, let us know in the comments below. 

E3 2018 post-apocalyptic game tracker

Game Publisher Platforms Zombies (or zombie-like) main antagonists Takes place on Earth Only or mostly online
Resident Evil 2 Capcom PC/PS4/Xbox Yes Yes No
The Walking Dead 505 Games PC/PS4/Xbox Yes Yes Yes
Fallout 76 Bethesda PC/PS4/Xbox No Yes Yes
Dying Light 2 Techland PC/PS4/Xbox Yes Yes No
The Division 2 Ubisoft PC/PS4/Xbox Yes Yes Yes
Gears of War 5 Microsoft Xbox/PC No No No
Metro Exodus Deep Silver PC/PS4/Xbox No Yes No
Anthem EA PC/PS4/Xbox No No Yes
Doom Eternal Bethesda PC/PS4/Xbox No Yes No
Rage 2 Bethesda PC/PS4/Xbox No Yes No
The Last of Us Part II Sony PS4 Yes Yes No
Days Gone Sony PS4 Yes Yes No

[Originally published June 11, and updated with additional games.]

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