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Dune: Awakening MMO Challenges Players to Survive on Arrakis

He who controls the spice controls the universe.

a man on Arrakis looks into the pit of a sand worm
Watch out for sandworms. 

Dune: Awakening, which will have players attempting to survive the desert wasteland of Arrakis, made its debut at GamesCom Opening Night Live on Tuesday.

Developed by Funcom, Dune: Awakening is a survival, open-world massively multiplayer game with players hunting for spice, building shelters against sandstorms and trying to avoid being turned into sandworm food. Players will also be able to develop their characters, learn new abilities and build their own fortress for their faction.

There's been a resurgence of interest in the Dune universe with the release of the movie Dune: Part One last year. Its sequel, Dune: Part Two, will come out in 2023.

There is no release date yet for Dune: Awakening, and it appears it will only be available on Steam. Those interested can sign up for the upcoming beta at the game's website.

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