Doom Eternal brings chaos, blood and a new multiplayer mode to E3 2019

That. Was. Insane.

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We knew Bethesda's E3 2019 showcase was going to really highlight the demon obliterating antics of Doom sequel, Doom Eternal, and we've already seen the Eternal marketing hard at work for this year's show. Now, we've got a trailer -- and a release date.

A 16 second teaser trailer was unveiled on June 6 which showcased Doomguy wielding a chainsaw and a big ol' red chainsaw. The staple demon-slaying type operation Doom is renowned for. The new trailer showcases that operation and is filled with tons of blood and Doomguy -- The Slayer -- moving at lightning quick speed.

You can watch the first of a few trailers below:

At Bethesda's presentation, it felt as though they just unleashed trailer after trailer of pure mayhem. My poor brain is still recovering. I'm too old for a video game this frantic. The pace is tremendous -- it's a Doom game after all -- but everything sincerely felt cranked up a notch. The single player demo went through what can only be described an insane orgy of violence, before ending with a boss battle tease. Very good stuff.

Then there was the multiplayer reveal, which was interesting enough. Perhaps the most exciting part: a new mode called "Battlemode" where two people can face off against one slayer and strategise against them. It's essentially a 2 v 1 mode where demons strategise to take down a regular player. Bethesda are referring to it as a battle between "strategy" and "skill". Very interesting.

Bethesda announced that Doom Eternal will be available on November 22 for the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia.

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