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Bethesda's Orion cloud-gaming tech can optimize any game

At its E3 press conference, Bethesda Softworks revealed its software to make any game optimized for cloud play. Because Doom should be everywhere.

Bethesda Softworks 

Cloud gaming is everywhere at E3. But Bethesda Softworks -- the bringers of Doom -- announced, out of the blue at its press conference, software technologies that developers can use with their games to easily optimize them for streaming from the cloud. Dubbed "Orion," it can deliver streamed games with better frame rates, 20% lower latency and 40% lower bandwidth requirements, the company says.

At maximum settings.

Bethesda showed a brief demo of Doom running on a phone at 60fps, but more important said that you can participate in Orion public trials by signing up for the Doom Slayers Club posthaste. Bethesda says the software developer's kit will reduce costs for players and publishers.