Atari VCS campaign almost at $3 million, adds 'Tribute Edition' option

How do you sell more of a limited edition? Remove the numbering.

Now you have the option to preorder a woodgrain Atari VCS identical to the the sold-out run of 6,000 Collector's Editions, just without the limited-edition numbering. It's also more expensive, at $380 for the "Tribute Edition All In" bundle with joystick and controller compared to $340 for the Collector's Edition equivalent.

So far, Atari has raised a hair under $3 million -- the goal was $100,000 -- for its retro reboot of the Atari 2600 on Indiegogo, which we won't even see until July 2019. Given that it has just over 11,000 backers, it's possible that half on them bought the Collector's Edition.

Given the direction console gaming is moving -- cloudward ho! -- there's a chance that by the time it ships it will already be passe. Or possibly more interesting, as part of a dying breed and the only way you'll be able to play some of your old games.