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Apple pulls Wordle clones from App Store

What's a five-letter word for copy?

Wordle copycats get the boot
Wordle copycats get the boot. 
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Daily online word game Wordle has exploded in popularity over the past month with hundreds of thousands of people playing. It's no surprise clones of the game began appearing on Apple's App Store, but it appears these copycats are being removed. 

Apple got rid of several Wordle clones from its App Store, the tech giant confirmed to on Wednesday. Copycats of the popular word game received backlash from fans after some developers charged for their mobile version of the game -- the original is available only for free online as there is no app for it. 

The Wordle wannabes range in price with some costing $1 or $2, while one version had an annual subscription of $30. 

While Apple may have removed multiple clones of the game, a search for Wordle on the App Store on Wednesday still brings back results of games with the same or similar names. Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Google's Play Store also has multiple Wordle clones. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on whether they would be removed.

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