Apex Legends Voidwalker event adds a new portal to Kings Canyon

This event is all about Wraith.

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Apex Legends Voidwalker

The Voidwalker has begun. 


Apex Legends has a new event with a big map change and other additions. But arguably the most interesting update is new info about Wraith, one of the 10 playable characters in the free battle royale game. 

The Voidwalker event in Apex Legends started Tuesday, offering new content and challenges until Sept. 17. The biggest change on the map is a towering portal that transports players to a research site. The inclusion of this change was alluded to in a video titled "Stories from the Outlands" that goes into the background of Wraith, who is able to control portals. 

The event also has a new set of challenges, outfits to buy and a limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous. In his mode, players are equipped with snipers and shotguns, but have minimal armor making everyone easy to kill. 

Along with the additional content came some balancing. In particular, the newest addition to the roster, Wattson, was hit with the "nerf bat." She is now considered a low-profile character, meaning she takes more damage and her Ultimate Ability, Interceptor Pylon, is limited to one in use at a time instead of three. 

There are also various "quality of life" changes to the game on Tuesday such as auto sprint, a change to the look of the Lobby and visual improvements to various screens. 

Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Publisher EA has also confirmed that the game will make the jump to mobile devices in the future.

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