Zest without stress

Zesting isn't always the speediest kitchen operation. With the Chef'n Palm Zester, however, zesting is just a matter of moving your hand.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Palm Zester Sur la Table

More than a few recipes call for zest, and it isn't exactly something you can keep on hand if you want the full, fresh flavor. Whether you're making a pot of flavorful soup, or adding a touch of citrus to your cookies, the best taste comes from zesting your limes, lemons, and more while you cook. There's no reason, though, that zesting an orange or anything else should take more than a minute. The Palm Zester from Chef'n makes the process fast and clean. Using it is a matter of putting the ergonomically designed zester in the palm of your hand -- a secure rubber grip keeps it in place.

There's no need to try to aim your zest while you're working, either: the Palm Zester captures all of the zest in a compartment. You just pop the lid off and add all your zest to your dish at once, eliminating any mess. The Palm Zester is priced at $8--a small price to pay to eliminate runaway zest. The whole zester is diswasher safe, as long as you use the top rack, which makes cleanup absolutely easy. The Palm Zester is available in three colors: lemon, lime, and orange.