The Zelfie hand for selfie sticks infests your selfies with zombies

Now on Kickstarter: a selfie stick attachment with a grotesque hand that makes it look like you're being chased by a horde of the undead.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico
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Meet the Zelfie, a selfie stick attachment that showcases your daring escape from the zombie horde. Zelfie

Want to trick your friends into thinking you're being relentlessly chased by a horde of zombies?

A new crowdfunding campaign is seeking funds for a selfie stick attachment that puts you forever within arm's reach of becoming zombie food. That product is called the Zelfie, and a Kickstarter campaign launched Tuesday is seeking $2,500 to make the first zombie selfie stick a reality.

The Zelfie is a gross-looking zombie hand that can be mounted to just about any selfie or GoPro stick on the market, instantly making your pictures look as though you're being chased by zombies that are totally hungry for your brains. You can see the Zelfie mounting process in action in this video.

Here's what your zombie selfie could look like with the Zelfie. Zelfie

Unlike the Selfie Arm -- an art project from earlier this year that was more of a comment on the narcissistic selfie culture than an actual product -- the Zelfie is real and, if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, will make its way to backers in time for Halloween, according to the project's creator, Garrett Gunderson.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, there are various tiers for backers to support the project, with the first batch of Zelfies retailing for $16 (about £10, AU $22). That pricing will jump to $17 and then $18 per unit after the first and second batches sell out.

If the Zelfie delivers as promised -- not all crowdfunding campaigns do, unfortunately -- it could be a fun way to zombi-fy your Halloween by scaring your Facebook friends with images of your pets or children being "attacked" by the undead.