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Your fruit is safe in here

Ensure Junior's favorite fruits make it to the lunch room without bruises with the Concentrate Fruit-Friendly Lunch Box.

The Concentrate Fruit-Friendly Lunch Box keeps those apples safe.
John Lewis

When Junior returns to school for the fall, you'll probably pack him a lunch. If you pack a piece of fruit, it's going to roll around, get bruised, and probably be less than appealing by the time he gets to the cafeteria. The Concentrate Fruit-Friendly Lunch Box offers a little added protection for those apples and oranges.

The lunch box is plastic and comes with two "pots," ideal for holding grapes, nuts, or fruit that you want to slice up ahead of time. The box has two round areas for holding the pots of fruit securely while traveling to the cafeteria. The Concentrate Lunch Box also has a therm-spot on the underside of the box. If the box overheats, it changes color, letting Junior know that eating the tuna fish sandwich isn't such a great idea today.

John Lewis, the maker of the Concentrate Lunch Box, also makes a cooler bag that fits the lunch box for an added chill. The lunch box is dishwasher safe, but the maker recommends hand washing if you want to extend its life. Measuring approximately 10-inches wide by 7-inches tall and 3-inches deep, the Concentrate Lunch Box leaves plenty of room for a healthy meal and maybe even a snack to get Junior through the afternoon.