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Xvida Boomerang mount sticks your iPad anywhere for £70

This exotically named mount and stand lets you stick your iPad to anything and easily take it off again, thanks to the magic of magnets.

My boomerang won't come back, but the Xvida Boomerang will. This exotically named iPad accessory is a combined mount and stand that lets you stick your iPad to anything -- and easily take it off again, thanks to the magic of magnets.

The Boomerang is the black X-shaped stand you clip onto the back of your Apple tablet. It bends in half to prop your iPad up at three different angles, but you can also click it onto the magnetic multi-mount, which you can attach (also by magnet) to a fridge, like so:

Stick it on a glass door, using the included adhesive, and you won't be tempted to walk straight into it. Life saver. The mount is the unobtrusive little white plastic bit in the middle.

This versatility means you don't have to take it out of the cover you use for propping it up before you plug it into a separate mount -- it just pulls itself onto the wall or fridge door via the magnet you've got stuck there.

There's a bunch of accessory mounts to complement the starter kit, including a really snazzy chrome desk stand, a headrest mount for when you want to entertain fidgety passengers in your car, and a versatile suction cup mount.

It only currently works with full-size iPads, although company founder Uros Cadez told me Xvida is working on a similar mount for the 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, which he says is the most popular Android tablet in Europe. A model for 7-inch slates such as the Nexus 7 or iPad mini is some way off, as it requires a complete redesign. The company's also working on a similar, if simpler, model for the iPhone.

The basic smart stand and mounting system is available now from Amazon for £70, and the complete range is available in the UK from Xvida's website, although the prices are currently in US dollars.

Xvida's based in beautiful Slovenia, and raised the capital to create the new range through a successful Kickstarter. Check out the video on the campaign page to see Uros demonstrate what the Boomerang can do.

What do you make of the Boomerang? Click into the comments section below, or our magnetic Facebook page.

Update: A previous version of this story said the Xvida basic stand and mount costs £50 in the UK. While that was correct at time of publication, Xvida tells me that price was published in error. The correct price is £69.99.