'Xbox Surface' tipped to be a 7-inch, 720p gaming tablet

Microsoft's reportedly cooking up a 7-inch gaming device to sit alongside its Surface tablet.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Following the, er, rave reviews that greeted its full-size Suface RT tablet, Microsoft is now reportedly leading a 7-inch gaming tablet into its gadget stable.

"Multiple sources familiar with plans" have seemingly confirmed Microsoft's plans to the Verge, which claims a final version of the mythical device is being cooked up as we speak.

The tiny tablet, which would go head-to-head with Nintendo's Wii U, is tipped to run a custom version of Windows rather than the full version of  Windows 8. That sounds like a smart move to me, as for a simple gaming tablet, the full head-on Windows experience would seem like overkill.

Specifications for the Xbox Surface have already leaked, in fact. Back in June a spec sheet for the 7-inch 'Xbox Surface' appeared online. It appeared mere days before Microsoft's Surface announcement however, so once Microsoft had lifted the lid on its 10.6-inch own-brand device, we assumed the earlier specifications were a sneaky fake.

That leaked listing suggested a 1,280x720 pixel resolution screen, alongside an SD card slot and four -- count 'em -- USB 3.0 ports.

Microsoft already has its Xbox SmartGlass app (shown above), which gives console-control to all manner of tablet devices. It's also pegged to be building an own-brand Surface smart phone.

Microsoft's Xbox console is probably the most excellent bit of kit in the company's entire portfolio, so it's no surprise that Ballmer and buddies are looking to expand on the recognisable brand. I'm sure a tablet device aimed at gamers and bearing the Xbox logo would be received with some excitement.

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