Xbox Series X teardown reveals it's all about cooling

iFixit found Microsoft's chunky next-gen console is designed to be cool and quiet.

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iFixit revealed all of the Xbox Series X parts.


The Xbox Series X and Series S came out Tuesday, and iFixit wasted no time in opening up the more expensive Series X. The repair site's teardown revealed that Microsoft included plenty of parts to keep the next-gen console cool, including a sizable fan, a heat sink and thermal paste.

It found that the console's modular design should make the fan, power supply unit and wireless board easy to replace.

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However, the site also highlighted that the optical drive's internal circuit board is paired to the console's motherboard, so it'll be difficult to replace. The SSD also requires quite a bit of disassembly to reach.

"A relatively modular and repair-friendly design is partly overshadowed by some software barriers," the site wrote. "Our tests indicate that both optical drive and SSD repairs will be problematic at best -- which could be an issue if you want this thing to play games, or boot up."

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