Would you pay $5 per month for Hulu Plus?

It might just be a rumor, but the prospect of a 50-percent price cut on Hulu Plus is mighty tantalizing. Would you go for it?

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Hulu Plus hasn't attracted a ton of subscribers at $9.99/month. Would a 50-percent price cut make the difference?
Hulu Plus hasn't attracted a ton of subscribers at $9.99/month. Would a 50-percent price cut make the difference? Hulu

In case you missed the news yesterday, rumor has it Hulu plans to drop the price of Hulu Plus subscriptions to $4.99 per month from the current $9.99.

That's a pretty substantial cut (50 percent, by my math), and it begs an important question: would you subscribe to Hulu Plus if it cost $5 monthly?

I ask because I'm a TV junkie and a big Hulu fan--but I haven't pulled the trigger on a subscription. Believe it or not, my problem isn't so much with the price as it is with the lack of viewing options: there's no Hulu plug-in for Windows Media Center, TiVo, Xbox, Wii, or the like--all of which can stream Netflix just dandy. (At least Hulu Plus has made its way to the Roku boxes--a good start.) In other words, it's not nearly as couch-friendly as Netflix.

And speaking of Netflix, I'm already paying $8.99 for that service--and it doesn't make me watch commercials. So I'm less inclined to spend another $10 per month just so can I catch up on "Outsourced" (which is funnier than most critics would have you believe) while tethered to my PC.

But $5? That's cafe-mocha money. I'd definitely skip one venti calorie-bomb per month in exchange for that rich Hulu Plus library of past and aired-last-night shows. And, hey, I can always watch on my iPhone or iPad.

How about you? Is $5 the magic price point for you to subscribe to the service? Or do you share my complaints about the ads and lack of TV-connected viewing options? Vote in the poll, then hit the comments to talk up this juicy rumor.