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Wine chiller chills open bottles of wine

The Cavanova Open-Top Four-Bottle Wine Chiller holds four open bottles of wine at a time.

No more drippy bottles.
No more drippy bottles.
Sur La Table

Entertaining always requires a certain amount of planning. Hosts have to ask themselves what to serve, how to serve it, and who to serve it to. When it comes to wine, choosing the right varietals is only the start of the discussion. Whether it be white, red, or something in between, serving temperature is always an important facet to consider. A bucket of ice doesn't always cut it.

The Cavanova Open-Top Four-Bottle Wine Chiller is a convenient solution for wine-serving needs. Featuring an adjustable temperature range from 44 degrees to 64 degrees, the thermoelectric wine chiller keeps four standard-size bottles at serving temp--even when the bottles have already been opened.

About the size of a breadbox, the countertop appliance makes it easy to see and serve wine. The double-walled glass in front allows for clear viewing, while a lighted interior makes the labels easy to see. The clean lines of the unit are mirrored in usability, as the accessory offers mess-free operation unlike a melting bucket of ice. A controllable environment with which to keep red or white in gives hosts one less thing to worry about. However, depending on the amount of guests, those four open bottles are entirely another matter--might be time to expand the guest list.