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In Windows 11, Microsoft moved the Start menu, its first significant revamp in 6 years

If you're looking for the Start button, it's now in the bottom middle of your screen.

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The start button has a new location. 


Windows 11's Start button has a new home: the bottom center of the screen. 

Microsoft showed off the new placement during its Windows 11 launch event Thursday. It's the first time the Start button will be in a new spot since Windows 95. 

"We put Start at the center. It puts you at the center," said Panos Panay, chief product officer at Microsoft. "It's what you need, closer to you, simplified." 

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In May, Microsoft updated the taskbar with a feature called news and interests, which lets you see a feed of content including news, weather, stocks and traffic. 

The Windows 11 launch marks the first significant revamp of the operating system in the last six years. 

Ian Sherr contributed to this report.