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Win a Digital Christmas: Can you find the tree icon?

We've hidden an icon of a Christmas tree in a review on CNET.co.uk, which could lead to you winning yourself the best Christmas ever!

My, what generous little elves we are. We've gone and hidden another icon for you to find in our Reviews section for our Win a Digital Christmas competition -- but, ssshhh, we've also released another clue to help you find it...

The tree icon is now planted on one of the reviews on CNET.co.uk, and is the ticket to the fourth of the prizes in our whopping £4,000 tech giveaway -- Samsung's E900 slider phone. This phone not only looks good, but is jam-packed with features such as an MP3 player, a 2-megapixel camera and a smooth heat- and touch-sensitive keypad.

All you need to do is to locate and click on the tree icon, enter your details and, if you can locate the other five icons too, you will go into the draw to win nine fantastic prizes.

This may be the fourth prize we've featured in the competition, but it's not too late to catch up with the pack. In previous weeks we've seen the ornament icon that was attached to the stunning Panasonic Viera TH37PX60B plasma television; the present icon that accompanied the sleek Asus F3Jc multimedia laptop; and the holly icon that was the gateway to the brand new Olympus E-400 digital SLR. These icons are still hidden in their reviews on the site, waiting for you to track them down.

There are two weeks left in the competition and this means two more icons in the Christmas treasure hunt. These two icons are linked to five more great prizes -- a Denon DVD-1730 DVD player, a pair of Sennheiser PXC 300 noise-cancelling headphones, a Sling Media Slingbox, an 8GB Apple iPod nano and a Nintendo DS Lite -- not a bad little lot. A new icon will be revealed next Wednesday, so make sure you check back then for the clue -- not long to go... Good luck! -KM