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Wild and wacky tech from Mobile World Congress 2015

Crazy fast chargers, responsible luggage, and future-forward pocket watches are only a few of the weird things we saw at Mobile World Congress 2015. Take a look at the most interesting devices with the CNET TV team.

Mobile World Congress 2015 showcased many smartphones, tablets and wearables, but some of the most interesting aren't big name flagship devices. These unique gadgets are in a special category of their own. Join the CNET TV team in Barcelona as they show you the coolest, strangest, futuristic tech they got their hands on.

Kids smart shoes

These colorfully cute kicks keep track of your kids using GPS. They'll go on sale next month, but only in China.

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Fuel-cell charger

There are plenty of portable chargers out there, but not all of them create electricity with hydrogen. MyFC Jaq can, and it also looks cool while doing it.

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Runcible Smartphone

With a name like Runcible, it's no surprise that this is the classiest smartwatch we've ever seen. Did I mention it's a pocket watch?

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Smart suitcase

It's fair to say the Smart Suitcase is humblebragging about its functionalities. Using its app, it can weigh itself --so you never have to worry about paying extra at the ticket counter. You can also use the app to track it if it gets lost.

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Eye Tribe

Think touch screens are easy? Wait until you navigate them with your eyes. A prototype from Eye Tribe showcases the exciting possibility.

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Kairos Mechanical Watch

A transparent display that floats over the internals of this smart watch is what helps it stand out. That and its hefty price tag.

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High-tech dog collar

Pet tech is by far the cutest category of gadgets. We first saw the Motorola Scout 5000 earlier this year at CES 2015, but we had to wait until MWC 2015 to get our hands on one. Check out its cool streaming abilities above.

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StoreDot Charger

Sometimes you don't have time to wait for your dead battery to charge. The StoreDot charger eliminates this dilemma by charging your Samsung Galaxy S5 in only 2 minutes.

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