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Wi-Fi Withings scale partners with Gym Technik

Now, when you stand on a Withings scale, your body weight, fat percentage, and mass index stats can now automatically upload to a Gym Technik account.


The Withings scale, already breaking waves as the first Wi-Fi body scale that uploads weight and body mass data to personal online accounts, announces this week a new partnership with Gym Technik, enabling much easier tracking via pretty much any smartphone on the market.

Via Gym Technik, users can set up workout routines online, track daily progress via their smartphones, peruse an exercise library for workout tips, and upload before/after photos. Synching this with the Withings scale now allows users to instantly track their weight, body fat percentage, and BMI stats just by standing on it.

This is probably more exciting for fitness fanatics than people actually trying to lose weight, since that unforgiving scale doesn't lie or fudge. But for this fitness freak, the scale's $159 price tag is looking better and better.