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Where there is smoke, there is pressure

The Only Indoor Pressure Smoker is a counter-top appliance that features versatile operation. Capable of hot or cold smoking, the pressure cooker makes it easy to add flavor to a wide variety of foods.

It's all done with smoke and pressure.
It's all done with smoke and pressure.
Hammacher Schlemmer

Time is a friend to barbecue. While grilling up some burgers in the backyard will always be an activity that is enjoyable at any speed, real barbecue is an activity that moves at its own pace. The flavor that the "low and slow" cooking method imparts on meats is simply incomparable. But that doesn't mean it hurts to try to speed up the process--indoors.

The Only Indoor Pressure Smoker from Hammacher Schlemmer may eschew tradition when it comes to barbecue, but it can do so much more. All pressure cookers decrease cooking time simply by creating their own environment inside the vessel. Designed to be used with (or without) three to five wood chips, this pressure cooker is capable of adding a new layer of flavor to foods.

Don't worry, barbecue purists, this pressure cooker doesn't only act as an indoor hot smoker. Featuring the capability to cold smoke, this countertop appliance can also handle smoking cheese or fish. When pressed into service as a traditional pressure cooker, a digital timer and delay start are a couple of recognizable features that offer familiar operation. Rounding out the versatility of the machine is a sear option, which is great for creating flavor no matter what--or where--you are cooking.