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Where the microwave meets the road

The Only Portable Microwave Oven from Hammcher Schlemmer brings new meaning to the term road food.

Road food redefined.
Hammacher Schlemmer

No matter where you go when you hit the road, chances are your road trip is going to include road food. Since road food by definition means eating food out of the ordinary, it can be a bit difficult to guess how much to order. Your control panel may have a gas gauge, but you don't. The result can be a collection of dashboard sandwiches, some more tasty than others. Experience has taught me that an In-N-Out burger, while delicious in fresh form, doesn't hold up quite as well 80 miles down the road. (However, many breakfast sandwiches do quite nicely, thank you very much.) When the hunger (or boredom) strikes again, those leftover meals can be resuscitated quite handily in a microwave oven--that is, in the microwave you have back home.

All that could change with The Only Portable Microwave Oven from Hammacher Schlemmer. Designed to bring new meaning to road food, the portable microwave warms your meal while powered by your car's DC outlet. Producing up to 660 watts of power, the microwave weighs only 16 pounds. With preset controls for popcorn, pizza and coffee, the mini-mic continues the trend of on-the-go dining. With an interior that measures 10 inches by 7 inches, the microwave should be able to accommodate whatever supersize meal you have in mind.