What's the best screen size for a tablet? (poll)

The Kindle Fire proved beyond a doubt that not all people need or want a 10-inch screen. What's your preference when it comes to tablet size?

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Rick Broida
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What's better: 7-inch, 10-inch, or maybe something in between?
What's better: 7-inch, 10-inch, or maybe something in between? MeFeedia

With CES here and the iPad rumor mill kicking into high gear, tablets are about to dominate the news once again.

The question is, does size matter? (Tablet size, people.) And, if so, what size works best?

For the first year or so after the iPad's debut, your only choice was a 10-inch screen. Then came a smattering of 7-inch models, most notably the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

The former was on the pricey side, while the latter was little more than a dedicated e-reader (albeit one that would evolve into something more tablet-y). Consequently, neither one set the world on fire.

The tablet that did, of course, was Amazon's aptly named Kindle Fire, which proved beyond a doubt that users would indeed cotton to a 7-inch screen (especially when it was priced at $199).

With CES kicking off this week, expect roughly 6 million more tablet models from a variety of vendors in a variety of sizes--including, if the rumors are to be believed, a 7-inch model from Apple and/or Google.

Given a choice between, say, a 7-inch iPad and 10-inch iPad, which would you choose? Would you be more apt to buy a Kindle Fire if Amazon offered a 10-inch version? Do you think it makes sense to own two tablets, one in each size, for different occasions? Vote in our poll, then share your thoughts in the comments!

My two cents: I'm finding more and more that I reach for my rooted 7-inch Nook Color over my 10-inch iPad. The latter's better for Web browsing, but I greatly prefer the Nook's smaller, lighter form factor--especially for reading. That said, I wouldn't give up either one. Put me down in the "both" category!