What's in the box? Valve ships the prototype Steam Machine

Valve has shipped both Steam Machine and Steam Controller prototypes to its beta testers, packed in some very impressive boxes.

The prototype of Valve's much anticipated Steam Machine — along with the Steam Controller — has been shipped to the corps of steadfast beta testers.

(Credit: colbehr)

One Reddit user — the delightfully named colbehr — has posted photos of his own detailed unboxing. The wooden crate that the Steam Machine ships in is particularly impressive and while, sadly, it didn't ship with a Gordon Freeman memorial crowbar to assist with opening it, it does at least have a Companion Cube stencil as the 'handle with care' advisory.

Valve has also added a design cue that, according to The Verge, also works as a unique identifier: one of the 300 ventilation holes on top of the Machine has been stamped and polished, but the positioning of the specific hole is unique to each of the 300 beta testers.

We'll wait and see what beta testers have to say about the spec rundown and performance of the Steam Machine, but until then you can click here to inspect colbehr's full gallery of unboxing pics.

The ventilation hole identifier can be seen on the upper right. (Credit: colbehr)