What to expect at Computex 2015: A window to the future of hardware

From Windows 10 to wearables to VR and beyond, here's what to expect at this year's Taiwanese technology tradeshow.

Seamus Byrne Editor, Australia & Asia
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Seamus Byrne
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Asia's biggest trade show is back this week, and with it comes a raft of new hardware to explore.

The Taiwanese event is one of the key dates in the calendar for major announcements on the latest chip technology for PCs and mobile platforms, pointing to what we can expect in the year ahead for desktops, laptops hybrids, tablets, mobiles and even wearables.

So what are we expecting in 2015?

Windows 10

We're closing in on the full launch of Windows 10 (now with an official release date of July 29), so we're expecting most PC hardware on show to be focused on embracing Microsoft's big push for its latest operating system. There'll be notebooks, desktops, hybrids and tablets aplenty from the likes of Asus, Acer, Gigabyte, Dell, MSI and more.


Computex is one of Intel's key events for announcing new chip hardware and major platform initiatives. For 2015, that could mean hearing more about Skylake, Intel's sixth-generation Core processors. Intel has key events in the schedule this year for Internet of Things and Thunderbolt, which needs something new to rekindle its fortunes in the face of the reversible USB 3.1 Type C.

In recent years Intel has also been making a lot of noise about wireless device charging. Could this be the year they reveal plans to push this feature into notebook computers?


Computex is home turf for Asus, and the company always puts on a good show. We're expecting new hardware across all categories on the Asus stand at the show -- PCs, monitors, gaming hardware, headphones, the works -- and its opening press conference will likely reveal new notebooks and mobiles. Asus is the first major press conference of Computex, so it will set the tone for the days ahead.


Last year we saw a lot of wearables, but most were a long way behind the polish and functionality of what we've come to expect from leaders like Fitbit, Jawbone and friends. But a year is a long time in this category and there is still so much up for grabs. Crazy ideas are also a feature of Computex, so seeing new concepts is part of the fun of wandering the show floor.

Surprises galore

Computex features five show floors across two different parts of Taipei. There are the highly polished booths of the major brands and then there are many small booths with local Asian manufacturers showing off many weird and wonderful ideas. In a very real sense, we often don't know what we could find until the doors open on Tuesday in Taipei. From virtual reality to smart-home technology, from cables to weird toys, Computex has a habit of delivering some twists and turns.

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