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Wear an 8GB flash drive for $12.35

Forget keychains and pockets; if you've got a wrist, you've got the perfect place to carry 8GB of high-speed storage. The bracelet's available in several colors, including manly black.

This bracelet supports a unique cause: 8GB of wearable storage!

It's rare enough to find an 8GB flash drive for less than $20, but one you can wear? Meritline (yeah, it again) has the 8GB Bracelet Wrist Band USB Drive for $12.35 shipped.

That's after applying coupon code MLC40142835P, which is conveniently listed right on the product page. That code will also work for the blue, yellow, red, and orange versions of the bracelet.

As you'd probably expect, this is a USB 2.0 drive that's compatible with virtually every operating system. (Linux and Mac aren't listed, but I can't see any reason the drive wouldn't work with them.)

So, you tell me: Is a wearable flash drive more or less convenient than a typical thumb drive that rides on your keychain or in your pocket?

If you're the kind of person who uses a flash drive all day, every day, I think this might be seriously handy. Definitely a conversation piece (to say nothing of a geek badge of honor).

In any case, it's hard to argue with the price. The coupon code expires Friday, August 7, and I desperately hope these don't sell out in five minutes like yesterday's Meritline deal. (Again, sorry about that.)

Also, I should note that after yesterday's mention of problems with the vendor, I received several e-mails from readers. Some said, "Meritline, never again!" Others: "Meritline, love 'em!"

Because I haven't had any problems with the company myself, I'll simply pass along what others have told me: Customer service via e-mail is poor, but much better if you pick up the phone.