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Water pitcher goes from empty to full in 38 seconds flat

Clear2O water filtration pitcher filters out more contaminants and refills in a fraction of the time others take.

Is there anything more annoying than walking into the kitchen to refill your water glass, only to find that your roommate/child/spouse/co-habitation partner has left the pitcher completely empty? Well, actually that car alarm beeping outside is pretty annoying. And so are all those Colorado Rockies insta-fans. But you get the picture. Whenever you innocently stumble upon an empty water pitcher, before you can get that cool, refreshing goodness you have to fill up the pitcher and wait f-o-r-e-v-e-r while you watch it drip...

You wanted pure water and all you got was pure agony.

Clear2O water pitcher
The 'Platinum' Clear2O water pitcher Applica Consumer Products

Now there's a filtration system that might alleviate at least some of the ire you feel the next time you find your pitcher empty. The Clear2O water filtration pitcher is said to filter out five times more contaminants than "the leading brand of water filter pitchers" (which apparently must go unnamed) because it uses a solid block of carbon as opposed to the granular kind widely used in carbon filters.

Yeah, yeah, fewer chemicals, safer water, blah blah. The really exciting news is that it reportedly filters water wicked fast. It's got a valve that connects directly to a sink faucet. The pressurized system then forces water through the block and filters the entire capacity of the pitcher in 38 seconds. Awesome. Now where's the gadget that will remind the roomies when it's their turn to take out the trash?

(Via Kitchen Contraptions)