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Water from air to drinking glass

The EcoloBlue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator is a self-contained water cooler that harvests water directly from the air. It features a multistage filtration system to ensure safety.

The EcoloBlue 30 water cooler harvests water directly from the air.
The EcoloBlue 30 water cooler harvests water directly from the air.

Water out of the tap, though convenient and a modern marvel, just isn't good enough. We can do better. And we certainly try to: from filtered water pitchers to UV water systems, our options for home-based drinking water has never been more abundant. And that's not even considering bottled water--either in little single serving sizes, or those gigantic bottles that are hard to lift. There are pros and cons for each of these water delivery methods, which would imply that the concept could be improved upon.

Taking water directly from the air, the EcoloBlue 30 Atmospheric Water Generator combines a water cooler and a filter pitcher, and it requires no indoor plumbing to work. Utilizing a 12-stage filtration system, the water cooler starts by dehumidifying the air and sending the resulting water through a series of filters.

Air first enters the machine by passing through an electrostatic air filter, removing airborne micro-particles and dust. Water is extracted using food-grade condensing coils and from that point on is subject to a series of filters and UV-C sterilization lamps. After passing through charcoal filters, carbon filters, a mineral filter, and a reverse osmosis membrane (along with three UV-C baths), the water is ready to drink.

Needing only about 35 percent humidity to work effectively, the water condenser is an elegant solution for home or office water needs. It's capable of producing up to 8 gallons of water per day and is a viable alternative to the traditional methods of getting water into your drinking glass. For those who wish to completely sever the line and go off the grid, a solar option is available, creating the opportunity for owners to harvest water directly from the air, with no pipes or electrical outlets needed.