Wash dishes where you store them

A new dishwasher concept means you never have to unload the dishwasher again.

Michelle Thatcher Former Senior Associate Editor, Laptops
Tech expert Michelle Thatcher grew up surrounded by gadgets and sustained by Tex-Mex cuisine. Life in two major cities--first Chicago, then San Francisco--broadened her culinary horizons beyond meat and cheese, and she's since enjoyed nearly a decade of wining, dining, and cooking up and down the California coast. Though her gadget lust remains, the practicalities of her small kitchen dictate that single-function geegaws never stay around for long.
Michelle Thatcher

When it comes to storing dishes, I'm a big fan of efficiencies. That's why I've always admired the over-sink dish racks of my European friends. The over-sink racks let the dishes dry where they're stored so that you don't have to transfer them from drying rack to cupboard.

The Mural Dishwasher, a student work spotted by MoCo Loco at the University of Quebec in Montreal Design Grad Show, does that concept one better: instead of hand-washing dishes, how about automatically washing them where they're stored? The wall-mounted cabinet is subdivided into six sections, and the actual dishwashing apparatus (that white unit in the middle) moves among the sections to wash small batches of dishes in the rack.

Of course, you have to leave space between every dish so it can be cleaned, which greatly reduces the capacity of the storage cabinet. I know I'd be willing to have fewer dishes in exchange for never having to unload the dishwasher again.