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Wake up to espresso

The Miele CM5100 Espresso Machine integrates a programmable timer for easy espresso making. A removable brew unit allows for easy cleanup.

Easy to operate at any time of day.
Easy to operate at any time of day.

The average coffeemaker requires very little thought to operate. This is a good thing: precoffee mornings are not the best time to tax the brain. Still, mornings are mornings and not the best time to mess around with potentially scalding hot liquids. Luckily, the catch-22 of needing coffee to make coffee has been addressed by the inclusion of automatic timers on many coffeemakers. This solves the issue quite nicely; after one has been properly caffeinated the machine can be set up again for the next day. But sometimes something stronger is needed.

Giving coffee-lovers another option in the morning (or really any time of day), the Miele CM5100 Espresso Machine from Williams-Sonoma features automatic operation from bean to brew. The 15-bar espresso maker comes complete with an electronic steam valve and 16.9-ounce milk flask for finishing cappuccinos or lattes. The built-in conical grinder starts the process, and a removable brew unit for easy cleaning makes post-caffeine cleanup a breeze.

Espresso drinks require more attention to prepare than their drip-coffee counterparts. With the important inclusion of a programmable timer, this machine comes full circle, letting users rest assured that they won't have to struggle with espresso in the morning. Along those same lines, the dual stainless-steel spouts can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sizes of cups and mugs--an important consideration when trying to figure out how to pour a cup of coffee in the morning.