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Vodafone offers 4G Samsung Tab S on plan

Vodafone has revealed some very unusual contract plans for the 4G version of the 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S, as well an outright purchase price well above retail.


Vodafone has announced it will be selling the 4G version of Samsung's 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab, both for outright purchase and on contract.

On contract, the Tab S is available on four different plans:

AU$20 Mobile Broadband Plan: You'll pay AU$47 a month all up, with 2.5GB of data and a total minimum cost over 24 months of AU$1128. The 12-month version of this will cost you AU$79 a month, or AU$948 for the full year.

AU$30 Mobile Broadband Plan: Pay AU$52 a month and get 4GB of data, with a minimum cost of AU$1248 over the 24-month contract. Once again, you'll pay AU$79 a month all up for the 12-month plan, still AU$948.

The pricing seems extremely odd -- basically you'll pay the exact same price for 4GB of data as you will for 2.5GB if you only want a one year plan. This would seem to render the AU$20 plan utterly redundant. In fact, for around AU$200 above outright retail, you'll get 4GB of data, that would cost you AU$360 on a BYO data plan.

The provider will also sell the 4G Tab S for AU$792 -- although the press release originally gave the price as AU$768. Both of these are somewhat mystifying price points, given its official RRP of AU$749. The 4G Tab S comes with 16GB of memory. In comparison, the 16GB WiFi-only version of the tablet is AU$599, with the 32GB costing AU$699.

We've asked Vodafone why it's pricing the 4G Tab S so high, but have yet to receive a response.