Video reviews round-up: Unmissable moving picture action

CNET.co.uk is a Jessica Alba-level hotbed of video and this week's reviews brought you some steamy gadget-movie action. Enjoy the show

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Nick Hide

You may not realise it, but CNET.co.uk is a Jessica Alba-level hotbed of video. The, er, mattress of the aforementioned warm furniture is video reviews, which we bring you regular as clockwork.

First up this week was Andrew's LG Secret KF750 video review, in which our hirsute hero gets to grips with LG's latest Black Label phone. Don't worry, he's had a haircut since then.

Far smarter is Rory, who mercilessly rips into the latest hapless UMPC to wander across his path in his HTC Shift video review. Ouch.

Finally, Rich recommends a very tiny, very good value camcorder in his Panasonic SDR-SR7 video review. Enjoy the show. -Nick Hide