Video: Logitech Digital Video Security System gets the nod from ex-burglar

Reformed burglar Mike Fraser gives his opinion on the Digital Video Security System, which lets you watch your house being burgled in real-time

Rory Reid

Don't tell anyone else, but apparently the UK's in the middle of a recession. According to the newspapers, that means increasing numbers of downturn-stricken Brits are wantonly burgling each other in a bid to make ends meet.

But don't worry -- Logitech's Digital Video Security System can alert you by text message or email when it detects motion in your house. Then you can log on to the Internet and watch the cash under your mattress being stolen in real-time.

You probably won't have that much cash left after you've bought the full system anyway -- together it'll cost you about £640 for the indoors, outdoors and camera-disguised-as-a-clock systems shown in this video. You won't spend long setting things up though, as all the components are powered and networked via AC plugs.

We're mostly into mugging these days, so we invited reformed burglar Mike Fraser round to Crave Towers to get his take on the system. And we're pleased to say it gets a resounding thumbs-up.