Useful Updates: TextWrangler, Parallels

TextWrangler and Parallels Desktop have been updated...

Topher Kessler MacFixIt Editor
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Topher Kessler

Two notable software updates have been released today. Parallels has released a small update to their Parallels Desktop virtualization package, which patches up a number of small bugs associated with Windows guest operating systems. BareBones software has released an update to their free and popular TextWrangler program, which incorporates numerous enhancements both in the program and how the program utilizes system resources.

Parallels Desktop is now at version 5.0.9310, and can be downloaded using the built-in updater in the program. The TextWrangler update (12.1MB) can be downloaded for free from the BareBones update site: http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler/, but can also be downloaded by using the built-in updater in the "TextWrangler" menu.

While there are numerous text editors available, I've found TextWrangler to cover most of my troubleshooting needs since it both nicely displays a variety of text and code formats, and also makes handling multiple text files quite easy. Best of all, it's free! If you have not used it, and spend a lot of time managing code or system files in TextEdit, I recommend giving TextWrangler a try.

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