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Update: Official Denial: Apple may have stopped 27-inch iMac production

Reports are surfacing around the Web that Apple may have stopped production of the new 27-inch iMac until it can figure out why so many issues are occurring in them.

Update: Apple has now officially denied rumors that production of the 27-inch iMac had been halted due to screen-flickering and yellow tint on the displays. The Wall Street Journal, via an interview with an Apple spokesman, is reporting that production of the 27-inch iMac continues and that Apple is "working to increase supply to meet up with strong demand." Apple has also set a new shipping time of two weeks for the all-in-one computer and is "working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible."

Original Article: Reports are surfacing around the Web that Apple may have stopped production of the new 27-inch iMac until it can determine why the model is having so many issues. Since its debut several months ago, the much-maligned Mac has experienced several shipping delays and performance issues. It could happen to any computer, but it usually doesn't happen to Macs--which is what makes these reports interesting. Just last week, MacFixIt's Topher Kessler wrote that an additional fix for the video issues on the 27-inch iMac might be on the way. However, things have, apparently, gotten worse in the past seven days.

These latest reports, cited by, are saying that:

the production will not resume before Apple has finally found a reliable and definitive fix for the remaining past (flickering and flashing display) and new issues (yellowish panel and flickering display) affecting those models.

Though the company hasn't officially released a comment, speculation is that current owners of the 27-inch iMac may find that Apple initiates a recall 27-inch iMacs. There could also be another round of firmware or software updates; however, at this point the issues may be of a hardware nature. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date if there are any developments.

Also of note, an Apple internal document posted on Gizmodo reportedly outlines how to handle customer issues with the 27-inch iMac:


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