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Up and down with a downdraft ventilation hood

The Miele Stainless Steel Downdraft Ventilation Hood disappears into cabinetry when not in use. Featuring telescoping action, the hood is designed to leave an impression.

Stylish and functional in more ways that one.
Stylish and functional in more ways than one.

It's easy to make an impression in the kitchen. That doesn't necessarily mean a good impression, though. While homemade cooking is always appreciated, the lingering scents are not. Sometimes hours after a meal is made, the lasting aroma can still be sensed. A little goes a long way in this case, and some simple ventilation could be just the thing that is needed. Especially when it makes its own impression.

The telescoping Miele Stainless Steel Downdraft Ventilation Hood is a convenient kitchen accessory that disappears when not in use. Available in either a 30-inch or a 36-inch size, the ventilation system emerges from the cabinetry, resting at operating position 14 inches over the cooking surface. A control panel with LED indicators is integrated along the side of the unit, and the whole thing submerges seamlessly back into the cabinet after use. The distinctive hood marks longtime ventilation hood manufacturer Miele's first generation of downdraft ventilation systems made specifically for the American home, and is available in either a 500-CFM or 1,000-CFM configuration.

Even if the cooking in your home isn't up to par (or perhaps, especially if), a ventilation hood rising from behind the cooktop is sure to leave an impression. While the appliance is designed to operate quietly, if it turns out that a distraction is needed, you'll know where to find one.

Via Appliancist