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'Unforgettable' iTunes announcement tomorrow

Apple is advertising an "exciting announcement" at 7 a.m. PT concerning iTunes that it claims will make Tuesday a day that you will never forget.

Apple is advertising an "exciting announcement" for iTunes that the company claims will make tomorrow a day you will never forget. The intriguing ad says that the news will be revealed at 7 a.m. PT on Tuesday, November 16.

Until now, there has been no consensus on which features will come next for iTunes. Some industry insiders have speculated that Apple will announce a cloud-based music management system--perhaps related to new data centers it's building in North Carolina--but others suspect that Apple will announce a subscription-based streaming service.

Apple iTunes Announcement
Apple's announcement suggests the new features coming to iTunes will be "unforgettable." Apple

Apple's acquisition of the Lala streaming service about a year ago initially suggested a move to the cloud for iTunes. Apple shut down LaLa, however, making many wonder whether iTunes would see a merge with these technologies.

Regardless of the specifics, Apple's wording of this announcement suggests that we may hear answers to these questions Tuesday morning.