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Two birds, one beer can chicken cooker

The Tumbleweed Pottery Double Chicken Cooker features two reservoirs instead of one.

More of a good thing.

What's better than a beer can chicken? Why that would be two beer can chickens, of course. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of good ol' fashioned common sense to create a kitchen contrivance worthy of taking on the shiniest of kitchen gadgets. Here there is no touch screen, no icons, not even any need for electricity (assuming of course you have a gas oven and a fresh-as-can-be chicken), but this piece of kitchen cookware can stand up to anything else.

The new Tumbleweed Pottery Double Chicken Cooker takes a good idea and makes it twice as good. Designed to take care of two birds with one stone(ware), the double cooker flavors poultry from the inside out. Each of the two reservoirs can be filled with liquid, beer being the traditional flavoring of choice. After setting two chickens on top of the filled reservoirs and tenting with foil, the whole contraption is placed in the oven, with intensely flavored results about 90 minutes later.

Since its humble beginnings, beer can chicken has enjoyed an explosion of popularity, which has been good news for those who appreciate convenience in the kitchen. Filled with beer, wine, sauce, or any number of liquids, the easy-to-use double-barreled design of this cooker not only encourages cooks to try new things, but also makes sure that there will be enough of the delicious results to go around.

The Tumbleweed Pottery Double Chicken Cooker will be available April 20.