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Twist-and-stick flashlight lights up the grill

No batteries need be included for this grill gadget.

Magnets in the tripod's feet let this grill gadget hang around all night.
Magnets in the tripod's feet let this grill gadget hang around all night.
Man Law

Any barbecue kit worth its salt (or sauce) is going to have a few essentials in it. Topping the list might be a spatula or a food turner of some sort. Additional useful items might include tongs as well as a grill brush to clean the grates before use. And, of course, a light of some kind so as to keep grilling after the sun goes down. Preferably one with magnets.

Not only does the Man Law MAN-F378BBQ Twist Flashlight come with a tripod mount that sticks to the grill magnetically, it also stands by ready for action without the use of batteries. Twisting the handle of the flashlight captures enough energy to power the three-LED light for up to 5 minutes. The tripod mount has swiveling legs that allow the device to be positioned for the best angle of illumination to keep those burgers and steaks in check.

The small, meal-saving device is compact enough to be taken wherever the grilling happens to be. Because it uses a capacitor for energy storage, there are no worries regarding spent batteries at that critical time when food meets flame. With a useable lifetime of up to 100,000 charges, the little light looks to brighten meals long after the sun goes down. At 5 minutes a charge, the math says this gadget will be part of the grill kit for many sunsets to come.