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Turn your Zune into a home-theater hub for $19.99 has the Zune Home AV Kit, normally $99.99, for $19.99 plus shipping. It connects any Zune model to a TV or stereo receiver.


Good news for Zune owners: has the Zune Home AV Kit for $19.99, a pretty sweet deal considering that big-box stores like Circuit City still sell it for the $99.99 list price.

The kit lets you connect your Zune (1st- and 2nd-gen models alike) to your TV or receiver, then control it from your couch via the included remote. That means you can listen to your Zune music library on your kick-ass stereo or watch videos on your big-screen TV (at a resolution of just 640x480, alas). The AC-powered Zune dock also charges your Zune, and the kit comes with an extra sync cable, handy if there's a PC nearby.

So, any Zune owners out there? I'm a fan, though I continue to be disappointed by the lack of TV and movie downloads from Zune Marketplace. Anyway, the AV Kit is new, not a refurb; you'll pay $7.09 for shipping.