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Turn your PC into an HDTV with $39.99 Pinnacle HD tuner (today only!) has refurbished Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick tuners, normally $99.99, for $39.99 (plus $5 shipping). Perfect for adding HD and DVR capabilities to your PC.

If you've been shopping for an HDTV tuner for your PC, run, don't walk, to (Okay, you can't actually run there, but you can click speedily.) The one-deal-per-day site has the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick for $39.99 plus $5 shipping. It's a refurb, but so what? It's a USB device, not a fancy piece of electronics.

The HD Pro Stick lets you watch standard-def or over-the-air HD channels on your Windows PC (sorry, Mac users). It comes with an antenna, wireless remote, and DVR software. It's also compatible with Windows Media Center, but, alas, the included remote isn't. (Why, Pinnacle?! Why?)

I've used the Ultimate version of this product (the key difference being that the software comes preloaded on the stick, which is nice), and it works like a champ. The Pro normally sells for $100, so this is a hard deal to pass up. As I've mentioned before, PCs make for fantastic DVRs; all you need is the tuner.

If you want one, don't wait: Once Woot sells out (or the clock strikes midnight), they're gone.