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Turn a common grill into a pizza oven

Finding the perfect pizza can become a never-ending quest. But perhaps you don't have to look any further than the back yard.

The simple grill accessory can make a big difference.
The simple grill accessory can make a big difference.

It's amazing that the simple combination of tomatoes, crust, and cheese can be so complicated.

There is no shortage of subpar pizza in this country. Heck, par isn't even very good. But when pizza does hit the spot, it really hits the spot; when a well-prepared slice hits the taste buds, the effect can be as mysterious as it is overwhelming. Unfortunately, capturing that intensity in a homemade pie can be rather difficult.

The high heat necessary to create perfect pizzas goes beyond standard kitchen appliance capabilities. There is no shortage of information on the Web regarding hacks to get the most out of everyday pieces of kitchen and grill gear. However, there is an easier answer.

The KettlePizza is a stainless-steel circular ring that sets on top of kettle-type backyard grills. When in place the riser gives the resemblance of a miniature pizza oven, but there is much more than appearance at stake. By effectively raising the walls of the grill, a cooking chamber is created. Allowing access from the front--as opposed to the top of the grill with the lid--the flow of heat is directed over the baking pizza.

Balance is an important consideration in any cooking endeavor, and when it comes to pizza that means (among other things) getting the doneness right on top and on the bottom. The consistent, high heat (upward of 750 degrees Fahrenheit) provided by this simple contraption makes it easy to dive into homemade pizza cooking. It's not cheap, starting at $130, but considering what usually arrives in a delivery box, it's an investment that could quickly pay for itself.

Via Gizmodo