Turkey baster pulls double duty

Baster has multiple attachments so you can either baste your meat or inject flavor directly into it.

This gadget lets you be selective in your saucing technique.
With Thanksgiving only a week away, holiday cooking gadgets are out in full force. Those who are comfortable in the kitchen get to take advantage of more family time by using gadgets that save it, and those who have never set foot in the kitchen can find comfort in accessories that take the guesswork out of cooking the perfect holiday meal.

A difficult dishes to master is the Thanksgiving bird. Making a perfect roast turkey can be one of the more intimidating experiences of the holiday season; with so many bad memories of chewy turkey, the pressure to make a juicy Thanksgiving centerpiece is huge.

Seasoned chefs all have their tricks for cooking perfect turkey, but almost all of them will tell you that, in order to give it that beautiful brown skin, you must baste it early, and baste it often. This can be done with your typical baster, but this dual baster from Cuisipro takes the tried-and-true method to the next level.

It has two attachments: one for showering cooking juices onto your bird, and one for injecting them directly inside it. That way, you can make sure your turkey is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside instead of dry and rubbery all over the place.

The Cuisipro dual baster is available for around $10 from most retailers, which is less money than you'll spend on your stuffing mix and cans of cranberry sauce. And only about a quarter of the amount that you'll spend on the bird itself. Plus, you'll get to keep it and impress your guests for tons of Thanksgivings to come.