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Triple Herb Pot: Keep your herbs fresh

The Triple Herb Pot from Sagaform stylishly extends the life of your fresh herbs.

Sagaform Stoneware Triple Herb Pot

Like most enthusiastic home cooks, I love to use fresh herbs in many of my favorite dishes. And lacking an herb garden of my own, I regularly pay outrageous prices for those little plastic packets of fresh herbs, then race to use them all up before they spoil. It's rarely a race I win.

Enter the Stoneware Triple Herb Pot ($40) from Swedish firm Sagaform. You can put one bunch of herbs in each of its three chambers, and water them all through a single corner watering hole. The design of the base ensures all the stems have access to water, and it lets air circulate so the herbs don't become limp. When the herbs are used up, the pot comes apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

Best of all, the product's sleek design will look great on your kitchen counter--so much more attractive than just plopping a bunch of herbs in a juice glass.