Trick out your camera's shutter release with a ProDot

This cushy little nub enhances your shooting experience.

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Custom SLR is no stranger to Kickstarter; its C-Loop camera strap mount and M-Plate Pro tripod plate both got their start there. The usefulness of those products was easy to see, but its latest project, the ProDot, perhaps strays a bit into as-seen-on-TV territory.

The ProDot sticks right on your camera's shutter release, adding a soft, raised, textured surface to it. It is not unlike the trackpoints used on business laptops but considerably squishier.

While Custom SLR's Ivan Wong spins it as giving you more control and less fatigue, the greatest benefit is probably shock absorption. If you tend to push a little too hard on your release, the ProDot will lessen the vibration.

Plus, having used one for a bit, it's just fun to touch and makes it easier to blindly find your shutter release.

A 3M adhesive holds them on, and they peel off easily without leaving any residue. And based on my limited use of them, they can be applied a few times without losing their stickiness.

The pledge goal is a modest $3,500. A $15 pledge gets you three ProDots: black, red, and clear. If you have only one shutter release to dress up, consider sticking them on other push-button devices, such as a mouse.