Traxdata Yego: Y didn't they think of this before?

As well as looking like a football shirt, the Y-shaped Yego gives you 2GB of memory and two extra USB ports. This makes us happy

Mary Lojkine

Crave doesn't usually get excited by USB sticks, regarding them as the technological equivalent of socks -- useful, but not that exciting, even when you make them in funky colours and put cartoon characters on the soles. You can mix them up to make sock-shaped USB sticks and USB-heated socks, but our reaction still ranges from ennui to total indifference. Nevertheless, the Traxdata Yego caught our eye at CES 2007.

The Y-shaped Yego combines a standard USB stick with a two-port USB hub. If you're travelling with a laptop that only has two USB ports, you can plug in the Yego and a mouse and still have enough ports for an iPod and a camera. Or a pair of USB-powered mittens.

It's not exactly sliced bread, or even sticky-backed plastic, but it's a smart solution to an actual problem. Given all the daft USB gadgets we've seen over the last couple of years, it's amazing no-one did this before.

RiTEK makes the Yego in a range of colours and capacities, although so far we've only been promised the 2GB version for the UK. Expect to pay around £20 for your stick-cum-hub. -Mary Lojkine