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Transformer Prime free from Wi-Fi woe in UK, Asus promises

Asus promises none of its Transformer Prime tablets on sale in the UK suffer from the Wi-Fi bug plaguing the new Android-powered tablet.

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Richard Trenholm
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Good news if you're planning to buy an Asus Transformer Prime: none of the Primes on sale in this country suffer from the Wi-Fi bug plaguing the transforming tablet.

The Wi-Fi problem has delayed the Transformer Prime actually reaching customers, with limited stock coming to the UK also slowing things down. But more units are on the way, and Asus swears they're free from Wi-Fi woe.

"After extensive checks we can confirm that no units have been supplied to the UK with a known Wi-Fi issue," the company promises.

If you do encounter a problem with your Prime, call Asus on 0870 1208 340 and get all shirty about it.

The wonky Wi-Fi isn't the only problem affecting the quad-core, Android-powered, keyboard-detaching Transformer Prime: some units suffer from an issue with location, as the Transformer Prime's aluminium body affects the GPS antenna's reception. Blimey -- if it isn't one thing it's another.

If you've bought the Transformer Prime and your GPS is giving you gyp, you can return the tablet to Asus for a full refund, or keep it with an extended warranty of 18 months, an increase of six months.

The Prime also faced controversy when Asus decided to lock the bootloader to prevent owners tinkering with their tablet, until the backlash caused a backtrack. And that's not to mention the inevitable legal attention from Transformers company Hasbro over the Transformer Prime name.

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